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"Amethyst" is a perfect yacht for this timeless sea tradition,
and to be chosen is our honor.

Morning hours are best for scattering ashes, as the seas and wind are light earlier in the day. Starting at 8-9 am, we will depart Marina del Rey and proceed to sea. It takes 45 minutes to reach 3 miles offshore, a distance which has the feel of "being out at sea." We can also go to Santa Monica Venice or Malibu, Mahattan Beach or Hermosa Beach. Coffee and tea, bottled water, fresh fruits and pastries will be provided. Six passengers maximum. For larger groups, consider having extra people view conveniently from shore. With cell phones set to speaker phone, it's as though they are aboard. Unattended sea memorials and viewed from shore sea burials are optons; please call me to discuss this.

Upon reaching our sea memorial location, we will stop, and I will suggest that you and your group assemble on the fore deck. There in the blue of the vast Pacific Ocean, you, your family and friends will say final farewells while placing the ashes and your flowers upon the water.

We will slowly circle around the floating flowers several times, giving everyone time and chance to reflect. When you feel the time is right, give your Captain a nod, and we will slowly turn back to land, leaving this sea memorial behind us. A very beautiful morning spent at sea aboard a classic yacht.

We will be at sea a total of three hours or less, and the price is 500.00 total. You will receive by mail a beautiful keepsake memorial document stating the exact latitude and longitude of your Memorial at Sea, suitable for a photo album, or sending to other family members not attending. Call me to discuss any aspect of this; "Amethyst" shall be at your call.

Capt. Mack 1 310 822 7550

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